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Private pilates classes in Missoula

Our classes are designed to help you build core strength, improve flexibility, and increase body awareness through controlled movements and precise alignment. Using a variety of Pilates equipment, including reformers, chairs, and barrels, our instructors will guide you through a challenging and rewarding workout that will leave you feeling stronger, more balanced, and more connected to your body.

Studio Pilates and CoreAlign sessions are by appointment only. Call (406) 251-3356 ext 170 or email stephanie@peakmisosula.com with any questions.

Reformer Training

Pilates is an innovative system of mind and body exercise evolved from the principles of Joseph H. Pilates. This method of exercise transforms the way your body looks, feels and performs by originating strength from the inner core and extending outward into full body integration and recruitment. It teaches body awareness, good posture and movement with ease while improving flexibility, strength and economy of motion. Pilates exercises can be performed either on a mat or with the use of studio apparatus. Pilates will have the best results when they are tailored to individual client needs while working with our certified Pilates Trainers. Pilates is appropriate for all ages and levels of fitness. Establishing a regular Pilates practice will rebalance musculature, prevent injury, improve posture and facilitate optimal movement performance.


CoreAlign exercises utilize the entire body while in a standing position and independent limb training.  This unique movement stimulates the deep core and stabilizing muscles, as well as require muscles to fire in appropriate timing and harmony.  Performing these exercises that emphasize core control, speed, balance and conscious muscular recruitment make your workout a perfect combination for optimal movement and health.  CoreAlign is a totally unique movement experience!

Meet our trainers

Stephanie Peabody

To quote Joseph Pilates, “Change happens through movement, and movement heals!” After 20 years of teaching Pilates and movement in Missoula, Stephanie is a firm believer in the benefits of mindful movement. She loves sharing her passion for Pilates with classes and clients! Over the years, Pilates has enhanced all of her other activities as well as her day-to-day life. She loves to paddleboard, bike, golf, ski, and spends a lot of her time chasing my 2 boys around to all of their sporting activities. Mom life is much easier with her Pilates practice to keep her mind and body going!

BS Exercise Science – University of Montana

Certified PILATES Instructor

Balanced Body CoreAlign Certified Instructor

Booty Barre Certified Instructor

Certified Yoga Instructor

Kara Krause

Kara’s background is in Elementary Education, but in 2009 she was inspired to follow her passion and make a career change to health & wellness. She began by volunteering for the YMCA of Greater Seattle, where she was first introduced to Pilates mat. Twelve years later, Kara built a Health & Wellness studio from the ground up. She loves watching participants develop their strength, and see their enthusiasm for movement and health abound. In her free time, Kara enjoys being active in nature with her husband and their mutt Mowgli. She loves taking in the beauty of Montana on bike, skis, and by board! She is amazed at how her core strength, developed through her Pilates practice, makes all of these activities so attainable for her. Kara loves empowering participants to understand the nuances of Pilates to increase body awareness, correct postural deviations and improve functional movement so that they can thrive in all their physical activities!

STOTT Certified Pilates Instructor

Certified Nutritional Therapist

Keel Sebastian

Keel loves supporting people on their individual journeys to wellness. Functional alignment-based movement has helped her avoid back surgery and keeps her mountain biking and skiing with her kids. She hopes to continue to learn new ways to support her clients as they work through sports injuries and their ongoing needs.

Certified Yoga Instructor

STOTT Pilates Level 1

Balanced Body Corealign 1

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