Sports Performance

at Blue Mountain

Reach optimal performance levels

The Peak Sports Performance Center is dedicated to helping athletes of all levels reach optimum levels of physical performance. We focus on meaningful components of performance connected to individual goals, including functional strength, power, speed, agility, and conditioning. We emphasize skill development and injury prevention, while providing a safe, positive, and healthy environment where athletes of all ages will feel comfortable and encouraged to be their best.

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Middle School Training

Middle School Training works on the basic fundamentals of Acceleration & Change of Direction and will consist of an introduction to strength exercises in a fun and safe manner that progresses with them as they progress.

  • Full introduction to weightlifting (learning movements)
  • Preparing athletes for high school sports
  • Learning about the gym (ex: names of the equipment and proper use, gym etiquette, etc.)

High School Training

High School Training workouts are built to focus on the individual athlete’s needs and based upon the sports they play, in season, preseason and off-season work. As well as their specific strengths and weaknesses.

  • Building a complete athlete with solid athletic foundation
  • Linear and lateral speed development, agility, explosive power development, and functional strength training
  • Proper techniques for speed & strength training
  • Improving force production, explosiveness, agility, strength, balance, stability, and more

Meet our trainers

Stephen Pitts

Fitness & Sports Performance Director

Stephen specializes in fitness conditioning and sports performance. He has worked with athletes in every realm of sports from professional rock climbers and pro rodeo cowboys to professional volleyball and basketball players and everything in between. His training is result driven, functional, emphasizing joint integrity, strength, flexibility, speed, vertical training and weight loss. “Most importantly it’s about making fitness fun and part of your life journey.”

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Exercise Science

USA Weightlifting Certificate

Sports Performance Coach

Fitness and Sports Nutrition Specialist​

Gabe Ansah

Personal Trainer, 406am Crew​

“It is not about what time you show up, it’s about showing up for yourself every day. ” Gabe specializes in strength, conditioning  and performance/ functional training. He also specializes in unconventional, effective lifestyle lifting. “I’ve trained athletes at different levels including middle school, high school , former/current collegiate, and professional. I’ve been coaching soccer for 8 years and I have a great background in functional training, core stability and weight loss.”  He believes the most inspiring person in the room is the one who is overcoming the fear of doing something new, not the person who is excellent at doing it.” 

NPTI Certified Personal Trainer

9v9 and 11v11 Certified Soccer Coach

Core Stability Specialist

Chris Jones

Personal Trainer

Chris specializes in sports performance, endurance (triathletes, marathoners, mid-distance running), muscular endurance, weight loss and maximizing speed/power. His core values include hard work, self-discipline, and repetition. He firmly believes anyone can access an increased quality of life and self-confidence through achieving ones unique fitness goals and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. “Successful people work hard. Repetition creates consistency. Self-discipline eliminates instant gratification so one can achieve a long-term dream.”

Certified Personal Trainer

M.S. Athletic Training

USA Track & Field Level 2 Coaching Certification

NSCA Strength & Conditioning Specialist​

Bostian Johnstone

Personal Trainer

Bostian is certified through the National Strength and Conditioning Association and focuses on athletic improvement and overall physical and mental development. He takes pride in working with all age groups and different physical capabilities.   Bostian believes in taking a holistic approach to health and wellness. Exercise should be used to improve overall quality of life by increased self-confidence, mood, sleeping and reducing overall stress in one’s life.

ACSM Certified Personal Trainer

B.S. Health and Human Performance

B.S. Exercise Science – University of Montana

Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

NSCA Certified High School Coach – NFHS