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Missoula's court sports experts

We are home to Missoula’s only squash, wallyball, handball, and racquetball facilities. With 5 courts and access to stretching, weights, and cardio equipment, we have everything you need for a full body workout. 

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For new members, enjoy a complimentary lesson. Learn Squash, handball, or racquetball. Contact Jim Stevens at to arrange your free lesson.

Handball is a fast-paced game that tests your speed, agility, and skill. Challenge your opponents to a great game at PEAK!

The entire court is you playing field in racquetball, where the walls, floors, and ceiling are all playing surfaces!

Played with a non-bouncy ball on a court slightly shorter than a racquetball court. Distinct markings on the court walls create extra constraints for players. Known for long rally counts and players who strive for optimum court position, squash is often referred to as “Physical Chess.”

What’s wallyball? Volleyball in a racquetball court where the walls play a major role in confounding your opponents with new angles and spins on your traditional volleyball hits. All you need is a basic knowledge of volleyball and three to five friends or strangers, and a little coaching from your friends at The PEAK.