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As you would guess, this game is played with your hands. Wearing leather gloves, you hit the ball with your hands, not with a bat, racquet, paddle or anything else. This game requires some coordination on your non-dominant side, and for some reason, handball has been called "The Perfect Game". If you play this sport at The PEAK, you will likely acquire your own 'special' nickname.


In 1965, the game of Pickleball was invented in a Seattle backyard. Utilizing a lowered badminton net, whiffleball, and wooden paddles, Pickleball combines elements of tennis and ping-pong. The game has exploded in popularity in recent years and we're happy to get in on the craze. A game for all ages, easy to learn, fun to play, and addictive!


Surprisingly, racquetball was invented by a professional tennis and handball player in Greenwich, CT. he wanted an alternative indoor sport that was fast-paced and easy to learn. Originally called 'paddle rackets,' the game has evolved, and the paddles have transformed into short, strung racquets capable of hitting the ball well over 150 mph.


This game originated in London and arrived in the US in 1884. The ball, squishy and non-bouncy, makes a unique sound when struck by the long, strung racquet. Court dimensions are roughly ¾ the size of a racquetball court and the court walls have distinctive markings to create extra constraints for players. Known for long rally counts and players who strive for optimum court position, squash is often referred to as 'Physical Chess'.


The name of the game, a combination of wall and volleyball, pretty much sums up the sport. It is volleyball in a racquetball court where the walls play a major role in confounding your opponents with new angles and spins on your traditional volleyball hits. All you need is a basic knowledge of volleyball, three to five friends, and a little coaching from your friends at The PEAK.