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Marlon Pamintuan Reviews

Benefits since participating: increased flexibility, balance and endurance.

Additional Thoughts: Marlon truly listened to my specific goals and is helping me get there. He is a great motivator: focused, supportive and clear. He makes an hour of challenges seem like fun. And he makes my long term goals feel much more attainable. Thanks.

Jeremy Sauter

Peak Trainer: Marlon

Benefits since participating: I have lost approximately 20 lbs (down 30 lbs since joining the peak), I have made noticeable gains in strength and confidence.  My blood pressure has dropped from a moderate-ish high to normal levels.  My diet, sleep, and mood have all improved thanks to his training and advice.

Do you recommend your trainer to others: YES!!

Do you recommend your session to others: YES!!

Additional Thoughts:  Marlon is a fantastic trainer.  I started training with Marlon to get in shape for my wedding last month.  He is motivating, has some of the most tough and effective workouts I have done in over 10 years.  He not only tailored workouts to my abilities, goals, and timeframes but he was always accommodating, has great communication skills, and will always get me to push it harder every workout.  The hour sessions with Marlon don’t feel like an hour because they are not only vigorous but also fun.  For example, Marlon sent me a text one day, asking what kind of music I enjoyed and to give him some examples of artists.  The next session I had, he had a workout set to music I really liked with reps set to snippets of songs paced to each set and exercise.  He then burnt the workout we did on a CD for me to repeat with.  He continually gave me “Homework” assignments to do on days we weren’t training as well as great dietary advice.  Marlon is the reason I looked good in my tuxedo at my wedding and I cannot express my gratitude to him enough.  Needless to say after my honeymoon (but who wouldn’t?!) I have some catching up to do, but I know with Marlon’s help, I will continue to lose weight and gain confidence in my body and health.

Karl Beck

Peak Trainer: Marlon Jay Pamintuan