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Youth Swim Lessons

Water Tots

18 months - 2.5 years: Private lessons only

This is an early introduction to swim lessons. The focus is for the child to become comfortable in the water through the use of toys and one-on-one instruction. Progression in swimming skills at this level is very incremental, with emphasis on water safety.



Level 1

Ages 3+ for Group & Private Classes

This level is for beginners who may or may not have had exposure to previous lessons. Kids will learn to float and move through the water with instructor assistance. Level 1 goals include: gaining comfort in the water, blowing bubbles, submerging underwater (bobs), and following teacher's instructions.

Level 2

Kids have the ability to blow bubbles and fully submerge underwater. They have begun to swim independently and are comfortable growing their skills. Kids in this level will learn how to perform self-rescue rolls and elementary backstroke. They will also be introduced to the basic elements of freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke.



Level 3

Kids are comfortable in the water and have a good understanding of floating, gliding, elementary backstroke, self-rescue rolls, and breaststroke pulls. They are developing skills/endurance in freestyle and backstroke, and will learn how to apply lateral breathing and correct rotation. Diving and treading water will also be taught in this level.

Level 4

Level 4 students have mastered all level 3 non-introductory skills. They should be ready for more challenging endurance and technical instruction. Comfort practicing freestyle, backstroke, and swimming in deep water is necessary for this level. Students will begin to incorporate more advanced technique into various swim strokes such as backstroke, breaststroke, and freestyle. Dolphin kick, treading water, and diving will continue to be developed, and the basic flip turn will be introduced.



Level 5

Pre-swim team lessons

Kids should already be proficient in freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke. Familiarity with treading water, diving, and dolphin kick is also required. Instruction for level 5 places increased emphasis on endurance (with proper technique) as a way to prepare students for further lap swimming and/or swim team. Standing dives, flip turns, various stroke drills, and the butterfly stroke are all also taught in this level.

*Level 4 and 5 are differentiated on distances, technique and endurance/strength.

Adult Swim Lessons

We offer private Swim Lessons to adults of all skill levels.

Swim Lessons Ages 2-Adult

Learn comfort and skills for all ages in a small group or private lesson. Pre-registration and payment required.