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Personal Training

PEAK personal trainers provide safe and effective fitness programming to help you achieve the most benefit and the best results from your PEAK membership.

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Member Benefits

A Good Start – When you become a member of the PEAK you receive 1 complimentary personal training session.  This session acquaints you with our equipment and gets you started on the right track as you begin your fitness journey. Each session is tailored to your personal needs.  Our trainers are well educated and hold only nationally accredited certifications.  We have the experience you need to realize your fitness goals. Please schedule your time to meet with a trainer at the Service Desk, either The PEAK Main Club or Racquet Club or online through schedulicity.

Fitness Floor Assistance – We value our members and celebrate your success.  PEAK personal trainers are available to assist you at any time.  If you have questions or need guidance our trainers are available to assist you, free of charge. 


Personal Training – Reach your personal goals by working with a professional trainer.

Body Fat Testing – Don’t worry about the skill, know what’s important; what is your lean to fat ratio?

Small Group Training – Experience personal training in a small group setting. Get in shape, have fun and save money while training with two or more friends.

Cholesterol Screening – This full blood panel screening includes HDL/LDL breakdown. This fee based service is offered monthly.

MetabolicTesting – This simple, non-invasive test will narrow down exactly how many calories your body needs to either maintain or lose weight.  This test determines your Resting Metabolic Rate (metabolism at rest).

VO2 Testing – If you are serious about your cardiovascular training, you need to know your VO2 max and anaerobic thresholds. Find out how fit you really are by having a VO2 test performed.

True Age Fitness Testing – Determine your chronological age vs. your physiological age.  Assess your body fat percentage, flexibility, strength, endurance and VO2 max to determine your body’s true age.  Testing includes a detailed information packet with your results compared to your goals as well as to the general population.


Nutrition is often the missing link in sports performance and wellness.  You will never know how good you can feel on a daily basis or how well you can excel in sports and life until your nutrition is on track. An individualized nutrition plan is the key to achieving your personal best.

Individual Thirty Minute Consultations – Our nutritionist schedules consultation appointments one Friday each month.  Please sign up online through schedulicity or by contacting the Service Desk at The PEAK Main Club.  These sessions are free to members.

  • Appointments may be scheduled at the Service Desk in the Main Club or online through schedulicity.