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- Missoula Racquet Club 4990 Buckhouse Lane Missoula, MT 59804 406-251-3356
- Downtown Missoula Gym 150 East Spruce St Ste A Missoula, MT 59802 406 317-1960

Our trainers hold nationally accredited certifications and have the experience to help you realize your fitness goals.

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Determine your body's imbalances in strength and ranges of motion.

We prescribe corrective exercise programs based on your evaluation to make your movement patterns stronger and more efficient, reducing the chances of injury.


Do you know your lean to fat ratio?

State of the art InBody BIA body composition testing - now available at The Peak.

Track your Basal Metabolic Rate, Muscle-Fat Analysis, Segmental Lean Analysis and Body Composition History to improve the effectiveness of your training.