A unique full body workout that creates a strong, lean physique by cross-conditioning utilizing ballet, Pilates, yoga and strength-training.
This high energy class will transform your body by sculpting arms, abdominals and thighs while increasing you flexibility and mobility.


Improve posture, balance and movement patterns; benefits include musculoskeletal rehabilitation and athletic performance enhancement.

Use the entire body while in a standing position and with independent limb training. Stimulate deep core stabilizing muscles, emphasizing control, speed, balance, and conscious muscular recruitment to make your workout a perfect combination of mind, body, strength, and aerobic training. A totally unique movement experience.


Beginning Reformer and Corealign Classes:
We offer beginner series on both Reformer and CoreAlign at various days/times. A series is 8 classes with a small group of 3 people and 1 instructor.

Corealign Private/Group Training:
55 minute private and small group CoreAlign and Pilates Reformer sessions are also available by appointment for an additional fee.


Transform the way your body looks, feels, and performance by originating strength from the core and extending outward into full body recruitment. Learn body awareness, good posture, and easy movement, while improving flexibility, strength, and economy of motion. Our studios have reformers, chairs barrels, towers and a Cadillac.

Allow our highly qualified instructors to individualize your workout and maximize your results.


This martial arts practice incorporates slow, rhythmic, meditative movements with breath and is designed to help you find inner peace and calm.
Benefits of Tai Chi include reducing stress, improved posture, balance, flexibility and strength.

Tai Chi is great for all levels of fitness and all ages.


Help heal and maintain body and mind. Deep mental focus (meditation), breath-work (pranayama) and physical postures (asana), help us identify and balance strengths and weaknesses.

We offer a wide range of yoga including Hatha, lyengar, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yin. Enhance your athletic performance with exercises that balance the body and heal and prevent injuries.