Kristi is great! She listens to you and is watching out for your best results. She makes exercising more of an enjoyable experience. I had been without any formal exercise program for some years and needed some personal motivation to get moving again. I also needed guidance for my age as to what was appropriate to keep me interested and prevent injury. I believe doing the correct form is more and more important the older we get. Kristi is great at making sure you are doing the right things correctly and is genuinely concerned with her client’s health and progress. Plus she is a really fun person to work with. I feel I have gained stamina and have more energy during the day. I also am motivated to go to the gym by myself to keep up the activity. I can exercise for an hour and not feel terrible. I feel more comfortable going to the gym now because I am familiar with the different pieces of equipment I can use.

Robert Tiefenthaler

Peak Trainer: Kristi Miller